This was a whopper of a house, but the Chico team conquered it. The home owner ran a group home for mentally challenged people, she was very thankful and is looking forward to getting here place up & running again.
STORY:  Yeah, after the team finished gutting for the day I drove the truck to the landfill and then returned to the house to load up the wheel barrels and trash cans in the empty trailer. After I got out of the truck, I saw a homeless man on the sidewalk (the one I gave a buck too when he was begging in front of a food-mart early that day.)
     He walked up to me and talked about his horrible hang-over and how things have to come to an end and how those blankidi*%$*#@$ throw out all his clothes. It ended up the man I helped out that morning was the swatter in that moldy house. After that he then ask me for more money.    : )
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