One thing I notice is that both theist and atheist have comprehensive world-views, both belief systems have a lot of explanatory power. Therefore, you can reasonably believe either. Yet even though both have their share of "evidence," their systems of thought cannot explain everything, both are beset with problems. The theist chooses to live with the mystery of the missing pieces, precisely because they see how many pieces do seem to fit together. And so it is with the atheist, for them science explains a lot, but not everything. They choose to hold out faith that science will eventually solve all mysteries, even the mystery of how the universe could create itself out of nothing. So even though they're are holes in both their world-views, they're not all that bothered. Another thing I have notice is most theist only notice the missing pieces in the atheistic world-view, and think atheist are stupid, dumb or evil and so it is with atheist, from their perspective, there is no evidence for God and all believer are utterly deluded, believing what there is no evidence for. They are truly incapible understanding how from a different perspective a lot does fit together quite well.
So how would You want Israel to take the babies lives?
Perhaps bash their little heads against a rock
Or quickly slice their throats with a knife
Or crowd them in a building and burn them alight

Oh I wish you had just rained fire and brimstone down
You who alone have the right to strike one to the ground
Oh I could have stomach this, it would have even seemed nice
Compared to using your people to do your dirty work in the night

Sometimes God I do not like You, what kind of God are you anyways?

Is this not the poison sprinkled in the lake
Corrupting the whole, making it unfit to drink?
Is this not the stain, on the front of the garment
Though small in size, it makes it unworthy of being worn?
Years of testing have succeed in showing my faith is nothing more then wood, hay and stubble, a pile of ashes is all that remains. I have no answers, I'm floating in a sea of mystery with no land in sight, very little is certain, what was once black and white  is now mixed into gray, my confidence eroded away. All that is spiritual is foreign, I am now the outsider, the black sheep, the one that is out of place and I am a missionary! God continues to stay silent and to withhold from me any sense of his closeness. I feel left to try in my own strength, to fail over and over again. I have no hope of freedom from myself, no liberty to do as I ought, and little hope that God will change my perspective anytime soon so I can see things as they truly are. My heart and mind clamp my mouth closed if I try to pray, for though I believe God is able, I no longer can believe He is willing. And the christian subculture does not help, the anti-intellectualism, the happy, everything is wonderful, positive and encouraging pretense just does not help me in any way. Its hard to read Christian books anymore, they rub me the wrong and irritate me. I see problems in the bible, seeming contradictions, and honestly I choose to just not think about it. The bible is foundational, to deny certain parts, only leads to denying more until it snow balls and it has no authority at all. So I just simply don't read the bible anymore, its safer to just avoid it.