Part of my hope is rooted in our purpose and design. Everything needed to become a huge tree is somehow placed within a tiny seed, given it has soil, water and sun. Once the tree is grown, it provides shade and delight to others, it produces fruit and it multiplies itself many times over. Likewise, when the Lord saved us and made into a new creation, He places within us all things pertaining to life and godliness, everything needed to somehow be transformed into the image of Christ!, provided that we have spiritual soil, sun and water. Yet we start like a seed; and left alone we are bird food or a small snack for a truck driver. But if we're rooted in the Word and grow closer to the Lord; like the slow unnoticed growth of an oak, we will become Christ-like. What a wonderful purpose we have! Yes, it is our design to provide delight and joy to others, to give them life, to multiply and bring transformation in others!
God is all about reassuring us while we wait for His promises, but He will not disclose a time table. Often when He reassures us, He makes it sounds like He will do it soon and will not delay, but after years we grow weary again and He still does not act, but instead He says He will do all He promised. When He reassures us we are alright for a time, it encourages us and reawakens our hope and strengthens our hope.
    It is kind of like a a dad telling his 8 year boy that he is going to go to one of his ball games and he tells him this before every game for that year and still never shows up for a game, and thus it is the same the next year; the dad keeps reassuring his son "I am going to be come to one of your games really soon, you can trust me in this" and this goes on another 8 years and when the boy is 18 in the last game he plays before graduating, the dad shows up to watch his son play and he is thus true to His word.
    This is how God is, we must learn that when He says soon and that He will not delay and He is going to do a new thing NOW, that this is meant to reassure us, but He still may not act for years.
     During the years before the desolation of Judah, the Jews begin to respond to the  prophets and said "The days keep passing by and every vision has failed" and then God responded and said "Your doom will not teary and every vision will be fulfilled"  Even after God saying this it may have been several years before they were carried away into captivity, no matter the reality is God will be true to His word, but would it not be good to understand that what He means by now, soon, and will not teary is TOTALLY different then we think.
I feel the tension
something in me resisting
When I try to say that You care
Reality as it seems to be is in my face again
Like shades over my eyes

I said that time has eroded my hope down to nothing
Yet I am still waiting, I am still here
I wept when I say time has made it
Where I don't feel I can trust you for anything
Yet I am still here, I am still waiting

Six years later and I still have not found
what I am looking for
But I have no where else to turn to
Lord you are my only hope
So help me to trust in you while I wait
And believe You will work this out for good

My life is but a vapor, it is but a hand-spand
And soon I will see you
My life is but a vapor, it is but a hand-spand
And soon I will feel you
My life is but a vapor, it is but a hand-spand
And soon I will hear you
My life is but a vapor, it is but a hand-spand
And soon I will know you
without this veil between us

Hope that is seen, is not hope at all
So why should I loose hope
When the clock keeps ticking
And I've still seen no signs of you caring?

May my hope be in it for the long haul
For they died in faith having yet received the promise